Double Breasted Tuxedo



A formal men's suit jacket style known as a "double-breasted tuxedo" has overlapping front panels and two rows of parallel buttons. It is regarded as a traditional and stylish alternative for men's eveningwear and is frequently worn for formal or black-tie events.

An important description of a double-breasted tuxedo is as follows:

Front Design: A double-breasted tuxedo jacket features two sets of symmetrical buttons on the front, usually four to six on each side. In most cases, the buttons are positioned vertically or in a slightly angled "V" design.

Lapels:  A double-breasted tuxedo jacket's lapels can have several designs. Peaked lapels, which have edges that point upward, and shawl lapels, which have a continuous, rounded shape, are popular options. Shawl lapels are another common option, however, peak lapels are more traditional for a tuxedo.


Vents:   Most double-breasted tuxedo jackets lack side vents. Instead, they frequently have a single vent or none at all. This gives the illusion of being classy and formal.


Fit:  In comparison to a single-breasted jacket, a double-breasted tuxedo jacket usually has a tailored and more structured fit. It is made to give off a tailored and elegant look, frequently with padded shoulders and a nipped waist.


Versatility: Double-breasted suits are traditionally associated with formal occasions and are popular choices for black-tie events or business formal dress codes. They convey a classic, sophisticated style.


Trousers: The high-waisted trousers that go with a double-breasted tuxedo typically have a matching fabric stripe running down the sides called a satin or grosgrain stripe. Dress shoes, a bow tie, and a formal shirt are the usual accessories worn with them.


It's important to note that fashion trends and styles can evolve over time, so there may be variations in the specific details of a double-breasted tuxedo depending on the current fashion climate. However, the general characteristics mentioned above are the traditional features of a double-breasted tuxedo.

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