The 7 Parts of a Tuxedo to Know Before You Shop

The 7 Parts of a Tuxedo to Know Before You Shop

 Tuxedos are different from your normal suit. This glossary explains all the parts of a tuxedo if you're thinking of wearing one for your wedding day or important event.

 It's not every day that you wear a tuxedo, so it's totally normal to feel a little uninformed about all of the pieces and accessories that go along with such a formal ensemble. There are more parts of a tuxedo compared to a two-piece or three-piece suit, which is why we're breaking down all of the details right here to help you get up to speed. Whether you're shopping for your tuxedo on Gear Outlet or headed to a local formalwear retailer, you'll feel much more at ease and prepared to find your wedding day look once you know the basics. 


Here are the most important parts of a tuxedo to know—plus some optional add-ons you can use to customize your look. 

The jacket is the top part of your tuxedo, and one of the biggest differences you'll notice from a regular suit is the tuxedo jacket's collar shape and overall carved embellishment, rich in patterning and a subtle contrast to the usual formal suit fabric. You'll also notice satin wrap on the buttons at the cuffs and waist.
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Nortch Collar

There are several different types of lapels a tuxedo can have. Ultimately, choosing one comes down to your personal preference—as long as the lapel is trimmed with satin, it's considered formal. The notch lapel has an opening about two-thirds up, right below your shoulders. 

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Peak lapel
If you're set on upholding tradition when it comes to attire, the peak lapel is the way to go as it's considered the king of all lapels. It's clear why this is a popular lapel style: It gives the illusion of broader shoulders and the deep v-shaped lines create the appearance of a narrower waist.

Shawl lapel

If the theme of the evening is fashion-forward or glamorous, a shawl lapel is your best bet. This lapel style is smooth and rounded, which creates a more modern look compared to other jacket styles. 

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Bow tie

The most formal ensemble also requires the most formal accessories. While you can wear a straight tie over a tuxedo, a bow tie is the way to go if you want a highly sophisticated look. The tie should be made of silk or satin in a plain color. Black is the standard option, but with the times and the quest for style and freedom, you can consider other webbing ties for a more stylish effect.

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Lapel pin

While Gear Outlet Lapel Pin are most often worn with tuxedos, you can choose to wear a decorative lapel pin instead.  They are often made from fabric or metal,and they're an easy way to personalize your look with a pop of color or popular pattern. 

Pocket Square

Traditionally, the pocket square is a colorful piece of fabric, like silk or polyester, that has been folded into a triangle and tucked into the breast pocket. It's a decorative accessory—and one of the few ways to incorporate a color or print into your ensemble—but the pocket square also comes in handy for wiping happy tears or reception dinner crumbs from your face. For a completely unexpected detail, skip the fabric pocket square and ask your wedding florist to create a floral one instead. 

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